Folk House, Vörs

Traditional everyday tools used in the region of the Kis-Balaton, primarily related to folk fishing methods, as well as the architecture and lifestyle are exhibited during the summer season in the folklore house at Vörs.

Brochures, souvenirs are available. 

Two other exhibition sites of the National Park are the Buffalo Reserve and the Matula Hut and István Fekete Memorial Room. The Great Crested Grebe Nature Trail near Balatonmagyaród can be visited for free all year round.

Ecotourism Services of the National Park at Kis-Balaton can be downloaded: page 1, and page 2.

Department of Tourism and Education:
events, stage, press: +36-87-555-289 dr. Annamária Kopek
guided tours, website: +36-87-555-281 Anna Knauer
education, open-air school, nature trails: +36-87-555-290 Szilárd Somlai

It is not allowed to take dogs to the site!