Diás Island, Fenékpuszta

The reed hut of Matula constructed next to the house, paying respect to the greatness of the writer of many popular novels, recalls the atmosphere of Tüskevár (the title of István Fekete's novel about Kis-Balaton). The memorial room and the hut can be visited under professional guidance, starting from the Vönöczky Schenk Jakab Research Centre in Fenékpuszta, at guaranteed dates.

Guided Tours:
The natural assets of the Kis-Balaton region of Balaton-felvidéki National Park can be discovered with a professional guide. The guided tour includes visiting the Matula Hut and the István Fekete Memorial Room.

The Buffalo Reserve in Kápolnapuszta and the Tilted House in Vörs are our other exhibition sites in the vicinity. The Great Crested Grebe Nature Trail near Balatonmagyaród can be visited for free during the whole year.

More information about guided tours, boating, bird watching, interpretive sites at Kis-Balaton.

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