Hungarian Sheepdog Weekend in Salföld Manor – The Balaton-felvidéki National Park is 20 Years Old

Date: 3. June 2017 - 4. June 2017

Location: Salföld

Location of the meeting: 9 a.m.

The Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate invites you to Káli Basin, Salföld.

Our guests can enjoy a qualifying trial of the XX. Hungarian National Herding Championship, a herding skills test and the work contest and character test of sheepdogs. The Manor's racka sheep will be herded by the sheepdogs, according to the instructions of their handlers and the traditional style Hungarian rules of competition. A show of Komondor, Kuvasz, Puli, Pumi és Mudi breeds can be seen during the two days. The permanent exhibitions, the Hungarian domestic animal species and the horse show of the Manor will enrich the event.

Gábor Barcza

We keep the right of changing the programme.
We recommend you to look for information on our website and via the above contacts.
Everyone participates in the programme on their own responsibility.
Please arrive to the location 10 minutes before the starting time.

Photos taken at the programme may be used in printed and online communication by the Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate. In case you do now wish to be on the photos, please let our colleague or guide know! Thank you!





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