Hegyestű Geological Visitor Site, Monoszló

The partly quarried cone of the basalt volcano provides a particular view not only from far away, but it is amazing from a short distance, too. The material of the now strictly protected wall of basalt columns was once quarried by hand. 

The exhibition areas display the life of the volcano, the history of the local basalt quarrying and the natural assets of the National Park. The visitors can take part in a geological time travel by means of a stone park formed by the characteristic rock types of Transdanubia. In the future centre of Bakony–Balaton Geopark a picnic area, a snack-bar and a souvenir shop await the visitors.
The typical picture of coexistence between nature and Man, visible in the characteristic forms of the Balaton Uplands, can be observed from the basalt cone of the Hegyestű. The small exhibition displayed in the building at the disused basalt quarry provides visitors with information about the natural assets of the National Park, the basalt mountains alongside the geological heritage of the Balaton Uplands as well as some of the traditions of hand carved small cobblestone quarrying.

The 'keeper' of the gate of the Káli-basin is Hegyestű which can be found between Zánka and Monoszló reaching as high as 337 metres. The hill shows a proper cone shape viewed from the direction of Lake Balaton. The northern part of the hill has been quarried, however, the remaining nearly 50-metre high mine-wall reveals the inside of the basalt volcano which was active 8 million years ago. The stiff lava in the crater of the volcano during the stiffening process split up into several vertical polygonal columns. This sight is unique in Hungary and it is a rare spectacle also in Europe.
The Káli Basin offers several look-out points with beautiful panorama, but maybe the most beautiful of them can be seen from the western edge of the quarry-yard of Hegyestű where with the help of the panorama-board we can identify the surrounding hills. Lake Balaton, Fonyód Hill from the south, Badacsony Hill, Gulács Hill, the Keszthely Hills, Csobánc Hill, Fekete Hill, Boncsos peak from the west and Tátika Hill can be seen in the distance. From the top of Hegyestű the Kab Hill to the north, the Tihany Peninsula to the east and the view to the south and to the west described above can be seen.
The Káli Basin can be discovered by bicycle or on foot also from here. Another exhibition site in Káli Basin, the Manor awaits the visitors. Guided tours can be arranged for groups to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the basin.

Dogs only on a lead please!

The area of the Bakony–Balaton Geopark  includes this exhibition site and its surrounding as well.