Disused Sand Quarry, Várpalota

Due to reconstruction, the Sand Quarry is currently closed. 

The one time sand quarry is located in one of the streets of this little town, Várpalota. Groups can participate in a visit of the nature conservation area, guided by an expert guide. Visitors can closely observe the spectacular cross-laminated sand wall of the interpretation site.
The sand wall preserved the fossils of bivalves and snails of an ancient subtropical sea that used to ripple at the site where the sand layers were developed. It is unique in Hungary that the remains of more than 400 species of molluscs and almost 100 unicellular species with shells made up of calcium carbonate have been discovered at this sand quarry.
Take a closer look and you will see tiny miracles! Discover the fossilized creatures of an ancient subtropical sandy beach!
Discover the fossilized creatures of an ancient subtropical sandy beach!

Visiting rules:

- the interpretive site can be visited only by prior arrangement, with professional guide;
- the guided visit is guaranteed by the National Park Directorate only if the arrangement of the visit is done until 10 am on the day previous to the visit, at latest. If the visit is required later or on the material day, the guided visit may be provided only on grounds of equity;
- at least 5 persons together can book for a guided visit (or less than 5 persons if required, but in these cases the entrance fee of 5 persons need to be paid);
- the entrance fee must be paid also if guidance is not needed for any reasons (e.g. field trip of a geology department of a higher education institute);
- booking of guided visits is possible: via telephone +36 30 491 0061, +36 30 323 1201, fax +36 88 555 261, by e-mail to pardi@geopark.hu, for by mail to Balaton Uplands National Park Directorate, 8229 Csopak, Kossuth u. 16. 

Dogs only on a lead please!

The area of the Bakony–Balaton Geopark  includes this exhibition site and its surroundings as well.